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pWith the tremendous support of the Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES Curriculum Council, the P/NW BOCES Curriculum Center decided to undertake the development of a K-12 Education for Sustainability Curriculum. The Curriculum Center believes this curriculum project is timely, important and urgent and will prepare students for a democratic society, global economy and sustainable future. The goal of the project is to create a multidisciplinary web-based curriculum that combines engaging and relevant content with the highest quality pedagogy. The project goes beyond the NYS assessments while addressing NYS standards and insures consistency between units both vertically and horizontally. The curriculum development project is a multi-year undertaking that includes building the capacity of administrators to lead in this area as well as working with teams of teachers to develop a cutting edge sustainability education curriculum. The first year of curriculum writing focused on creating units for Grades 6 – 8. During the summer of 2008, over 100 talented middle school educators from seventeen districts, worked together to draft a multidisciplinary sustainability education curriculum in ELA, social studies, math, science and the arts. The teachers built the sustainability education units around the overarching question, “How are we all going to live well within the means of nature?” which, in turn, was inspired by the definition of sustainability: providing a rich quality of life for all, and accomplishing this within the means of nature. Each grade level then chose an essential question to drive inquiry across the disciplines. These essential questions were based on the teachers’ work with Jaimie Cloud, and addressed the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education (EfS) Core Content Standards.



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