Technology and Phonics Resources

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Technology and Phonics Resources

Reading A-ZEbook

Technology Resources

( are read-aloud books that target specific sounds to help build phonemic awareness. There are over 1000 books to choose from and as many as 30 you can access for free. This site also provides printable download in multiple formats. These e-books also have special tools such as; drawing utensils, typing tools, arrows and pointers. It also provides words to know (or vocabulary) and extensions for teachers to use with the book.

These videos are interactive videos that encorporate song and dance with different phonics topics. This helps activate different parts of the brain, therefore using more neural networks, and building a stronger schema. Teachers should use this before and/or after teaching the lesson,That way it can introduce and/or reinforce the topic.

Jack Hartman Youtube Channel

This is an app that says letter sounds, has useful flashcards, songs for the students, and ways in which the student can test their knowledge. This app should be used after the lesson ti reunforce everything the student has learned.

Jolly Phonics Lesson



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