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Techno Trouble: Review by Theodora T.

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Horowitiz, Anthony. . New York: Penguin Books 2000. Print.“Trapped!” Alex is stuck in a water tank containing an enormous jellyfish that has some very powerful tentacles. No room to breathe and Alex is seconds away from a painful death. Herod Sayle is about to send off his Stormbreaker Computers to every school in the world. Only Alex knows the danger behind those Stormbreakers. Will Alex Rider escape the tank and save the world from those computers?Can you imagine getting stuck in this almost impossible situation? Fourteen year old Alex Rider, an ordinary school boy, finds himself in many of these similar situations. Computers, a boarding school, nuclear bombs and more. With all that MI6, British Military Intelligence, calls Alex, for there is never time to be an ordinary school boy!Author Horowitz does an incredible job building page turning suspense in this wonderful thriller. is the first book out of seven thrilling and suspenseful books in the Alex Rider series by Horowitz, including best seller is definitely a five out of five star book.

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Eagle Strike.




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