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Tech Presentation

What is Symbaloo?Symbaloo is a free website or app that allows you to build a collection of different websites so that they are easily acessable. Symbaloo is quick and easy and even allows you to build a homepage!!Watch Video Tutorial Here

Get inspired

Follow these steps to start!


1.) Go to and create an account.2.) Follow the website instructions on creating a webmix3.) Create a webmix to use in the classroom depending on the content you are wanting to research or explore.4.) (Optional) For the classroom, make it the homepage so students will immediately have access to the Symbaloo page.

How to use SymbalooA step by step tutorial

Click HERE to view a presentation on ways to use symbaloo in the classroom.

Symbaloo allows you to have multiple tabs so if you wanted to create a webmix for Science, Social Studies, Math, and Reading, you can!!

Click HERE to see sample webmix for Human Body research



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