Tech Apps Conf 2010

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Tech Apps Conf 2010

ESC 4 Tech Apps Conference 2010

Scavenger Hunt Project - Final Product

Create an Assignment for your students to complete. Include video, digital images, text and more.

Assign projects to small groups and have students work together to create a final product. Click here for tips on using Glogster EDU (premium) for group projects.

Be creative with ways to share ideas and information for staff development. Show what you know and make it fun. Add a video of you using Glogster EDU.

Use a glog to share Discovery Streaming resources with your students or teachers in your district. Images on Discovery Streaming are in the public domain. Add a writing prompt to your glog using a Discovery Streaming video clip.

Create a digital story or book using multiple glogs and the presentation feature (premium version).

Create a Story Board

Need more ideas...- Class Newsletter- Invitation to class holiday party- Parent information on upcoming events- Study tips- Field trip wrap-up- Meet the teacher- Unit review

Embed your glog into a digital learning environment.

Add it to your Wiki

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