Team #12

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Team #12

Jimmy interveiwed some kids in his class about their favorite sport. The results are shown on the graph to the right.

How many more kids voted for hockey, baseball, and basketball than soccer and lacrosse?Show your work in the answer box to the right.

Answer hereFirst we did 8+14+10=32.Second we added 14+12=26.Third we subtracted 32-26=6.We think that 6 more kids voted for hockey, baseball and basketball then soccer and lacrosse.

Jimmy gave another quiz. 4 times as many kids took that quiz compared to the Favorite Sport quiz.How many people took the other quiz?Explain your work in the answer box to the right.

First we added 14+8+10+14+12=58. Second we did 58*4=232. We think 232 people took the other quiz.

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