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Teach to PIF

Past Teachers

1. An experience as a student that influnced the kind of teacher I expect to be.I like to tell everybody I meet my future goal path! I have ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher. I thank my desire to be a teacher to the wonderful amount of past educators whom I have had the honor of meeting! I had a teacher who had a star wall of every student whomever made a 100 in the class. I was fournate to be on the wall for a majority of the class year. When I type the next sentence, I am wholeheartedly a 100% truthful! I have never had an educator whom I disliked nor could I easily recall any negative memories associated with my past instructors.

2. An experience as a student that has impacted the kind of environment I want for my classroom.Before Dr. Mankin I did not know what pay it forward meant. She gave me the book, the movie, and an assignment. I treasured the lesson and the discussions. I loved the message which both movie and book tried to convey. I put the motto of pay-it-forward into effect by doing acts of good deeds, being a cooperative person whenever I can be, and by getting the opportunity to teach the next generation to be lifelong learners. I want my future students to be great model citizens for the society they grow up in.

"Paying it Foward"

3. A teacher who influenced me as a student and how I hope to influence others.I draw my greatest influence from a woman I cherish deeply. Her name is Dr. LM. She has been in numerous different roles throughout the field of education for twenty-plus years. She was a tutor I thought I did not need, then a mentor, and now a great friend. She hired me to tutor a few students alongside of her, and she took over the reins of tutoring my little brother. Some of her goals, plans, and successes throughout her career encompass what I strive to accomplish when I become a teacher.

A bit above the rest

Pay-it-foward:Importance to Me

4. Who I am as a person and how it shapes my professional teaching identity.I work in tutoring in all subject to a classroom-size amount of kids, but the subject which I think is my strongest is math! I love the uses of functions, equations, formulas, and numbers to solve numerical and real-world problems. I want to get my students to that same level of enjoyment in their educational endeavors. Dr. M, who was my Math and English tutor, was the amazing instructor who got me enthusiastic about teaching the subject of math. I hope to become a favorite teacher to my future students, and that they enjoy learning as much as I do.

4. Who I am as a person and how it shapes my professional teaching identity.I became a tutor to help kids in their journeys to success. The scenarios which kick-started me to become a tutor was that my little brother was struggling in different courses. I wanted him to gain a better understanding and provide my assistance in some of the things he struggled with. There is nothing better than seeing children grasp an understanding of a problem that you helped them through. Seeing that happy reaction and watching them solve the other problems is a truly splendid sight.

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