Survival Project

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Survival Project

Full name: Fernando Seler Parrado DolgayAge: 63 ( December 9th, 1949)Family: (Mom) Eugenia Parrado died in crash.(Dad) Seler Parrado, alive(Sister) Susy died in crash(Sister) Graciela alive(Wife) Veronique Van Wassenhove(Children) two girls, Veronica and CeceliaResides in Montevideo, UruguaySituation: in 1972 him and others were on a plane when the plane crashed and he and others were forced to survive for seventy-two days.What kept him going: He kept going for his father.Strength: He was forced to test his mental strength by going on after his mom and sister died. He tested his physical strength by surviving seventy two days in the Andes mountains. He was forced to result to cannibalism to survive. There is also a movie based on his story called "Alive". There has also been six documentaries about his ordeal.

Nando Parrado

Survival in the WildBy: Peter Soucek

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Poem and Facts

N- Night and Day, 72 nights he was forced to survive.A- Andes mountains were the crash happenedN- Nando Parrado is his nameD- Disaster of epic proportionsO- October 12, 1972 was when the disaster took place



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