PHS Summer Reading Suggestions

by hunickes
Last updated 4 years ago

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Dear PHS Readers,Welcome to summer vacation! We want you to consider your reading in a different way this summer. We all know when we read a book, but where else might you be reading without even thinking about it? Your cereal box? facebook? Sports Illustrated? The chatter on your Xbox game? This summer, you are invited to read whatever you want! We simply ask you to consider this question: What do you read, and how often do you do it?The first week of school, your English teacher will lead you in some discussion and activities about your reading adventures, no matter what form it takes. For that reason, it would be helpful if you kept a simple list of the reading you do.Attached are some suggestions that might pique your interest! You’ll find more suggestions via the links on right here (most icons, logos and photos are hyperlinked).Happy reading!! The PHS English DepartmentPLEASE NOTE: AP Literature students have a separate Summer Reading assignment (click to connect to the webpage).



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