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Social Studies

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summer reading glog

Mausby Art Spiegelman

Vladek and Artie

Vladek and Anja

This is chapter 6's photo in the book. It shows Anja and Vladek in a mouse trap becuase in this chapter they move from a house to a barn back to the house, hiding from the Nazis.

During the war Nazis would try and find Jewish people therefore the Jewish people would from them. This is one of the bunkers they hid in.

When they were hiding in this bunker, a Jewish person found them saying he needed food for his baby. They gave him food and let him go, but the next day he came back with the Nazis, giving Vladek and his family's hiding place away.

Here is when Anja and Vladek saw the first Nazi flags in a small town on the way to Sanitarium.

This is when Vladek found out Anja was a communist. She had to hide the letters somewhere so she wouldn't be caught so she gave them to the seamstress down the hall.




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