students register their own accounts

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Make a copy Make a copy function allows users to modify and save other users' Glogs.

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If the nickname you wish to use is already taken - create a different one.

Password - a minimum of 5 characters (only letters and numbers, no special characters).

The Educator code is for the first box. An email address is NOT required to register.

Quick Guide for Students - click here.

(You will need the 'Educator/School Code' from the dashboard of your teacher or school administrator to complete the registration).

How students register their own accounts.

Click on the following link to go to the registration page: must be logged out to access this page).

The registration page is shown below.



  • mlanier1 1 year ago

    mlanier1's avatar

    I want to add my students by name. Glogster is not allowing me to do this. Is this possible?