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student of the week

Student of the week

I have a brother and a sister. My sister is in the same class as me and my brother is in fourth grade. My brother's name is Brenden.


My favorite book ^

My dog's name is Casey.

My dog is a girl.

My dad's family is mostly on the east coast, and my mom's family lives mostly in California.

My dog is a golden doddle

I want to be a docter when I grow up because I like to help people.

I got to see the Liberty Bell two years ago with my family and grandma.

My favorite colors are yellow, blue, green, and red.

My favorite things to do are read and draw.

My favorite seson is fall because my birhday is in November and because I look forward to school.

I like going to school because it keeps me from getting bord.



I don't like to eat vegetables. I really don't like to get somewere late. I really really don't like to get somewere late that is really inprtant. Most of all, I really, really don't like to get a tardy slip.

Your text here

My favorite place to be through winter break is New Jersey because it snows there a lot

My dog likes to eat grass and weeds.

(My dad is one of my family members)


(my dog)

My dog likes to play.

I like making origami.

(My mom is part of my family)



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