Student Goal Setting

by pilotrobertmace
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Student Goal Setting

We should ask the students what they want for a grade. Then ask them what is required to achieve that goal. Innovation should always be rewarded. The goal should be discussed and then agreed upon. There then needs to be followup on measuring how the student is doing in achieving the goal. Problems should be identified and addressed. Once a student has achieved their desired goal there should be a debrief with the student as to what they did right and wrong on the path to attaining their goal. Without reflection the student may fall back into bad habits that prevented their initial success.

Student Goal Setting

Teachers are often hesitant to experiment in their classes. One way to get out of that anxiety situation is to create an after school activity. Tell the students you would like to start an after school activity, but are unsure about what to do. You have a couple ideas and would like their feedback. Brainstorm with the kids about what the goals of the activity would be and what would be required to achieve those goals. Start the after school activity and have the students lead in achieving their goals. You are merely a facilitator.

The Experiment:

Result: Robotics Club

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