Student Clique Glossary of CRHS

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Student Clique Glossary of CRHS

Student Clique Glossary of CRHS

You Have the Try Hards. The ones who have huge backpacks and still have a locker full of books and binders. The ones who stress over every single quiz and test given no matter what class it is. They are the ones that do all of their homework the day it is given. They are the ones that say they failed when they make a B or below. The Try Hards are made up of mainly girls but there are a couple boys in there somewhere. The Try Hards are the students that take every AP and Honors they can get their hands on.

Austin H.

You have the Rednecks.The ones that always wear boots, blue jeans and camo jackets. They always have some snuff in their back pocket or in their bag. They mostly talk about their trucks or their four wheelers. This group consists of pretty much all guys. This is the troublemaker group. They are a teachers worst nightmare if your a teacher they don't like.

You have the bang geeks. They are the kids in school who are what I would call artsy. The band geeks are the kids that could care less what other people think of them. They aren't bothered by any of the other cliques in the school. Some of the guys in the band geeks wear skinny jeans. Most of the kids in their clique have a unique hair style and some even have different colors like purple and blue dyed in their hair. The band geeks are pretty chill they mind their own buisness and don't cause much if any trouble.

Then you have the jocks. The jocks are the guys and girls who play one the varsity teams in all of the sports. The jocks in our school walk around thinking that the world in in their hands. They go about their ways thinking that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Jocks normally have their lanured hanging out of their pockets. They always have the newest and most expensive shoes. They have the newest phone and really all the new technology that come out. Jockes are the ones who have all kinds of "friends".



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