St.Mark's Church

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St.Mark's Church

St.Mark's Church

St. Mark's Church is one of the oldest building monuments in Zagreb, and is also the oldest church in the city. It’s located in the Upper Town, in St. Mark's Square. The Church of St. Mark the Evangelist is protected cultural property of Croatia.

It is recognizable by the colorful tower and the roof, where there is a crest of the city of Zagreb and the Triple Kingdom of Croatian, Slavonia and Dalmatia. It’s mentioned in 1256 for the first time in history, but the basic form is from the Romanesque period

The church is famous for its sculptures by sculptor Ivan Meštrović, and some of the most beautiful frescoes painted by Ivan Kljaković.

The tradition of organ playing in St. Mark dates back to the 14th century, namely 1359, when the writings mentioned organist Nikola, which is the first written mention of organs and organists.

Outside, on the northwest wall of the church lies the oldest coat of arms of Zagreb with the year 1499 engraved in it (the original is kept in the Zagreb City Museum).


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