[2015] Jaber Almeri: SSSSS

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Social Studies

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[2015] Jaber Almeri: SSSSS

Melting Glaciers

Jaber Almarri

1: Natural Problems

Every year in the summer the temperature rises to be more than what it was the year before

The ice in the world is a colder for the atmosphare, it's like an air conditioning, except the fact that it's broken

2: The World's Heat

3: Global Warming

The water runoff from melting glaciers and ice sheet causes a large percentage of sea level rise as much as 40% more than usual

The increased level of water can cause a really serious problems, such as tsunami, tornadoes, and other storms

The global warming is a probleme caused by the factories and the smoke from all over the world, and it increases the melting glaciers

The global warming rises the heat in the world, it's the most important problem and it's what we use everyday in our normal life

People can solve this problem and prevent the melting glaciers by using the Alternative Energy like wind, sun, and water ""


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