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A lot of people only see people with disabilities in a negative light. People who have disabilities are not to be looked down upon, or treated as inferior. They are just like you and me. They love, have goals, are ambitious; they are people and deserve to be treated as such.

Today, there are many organizations that actively advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. This is largely due to families of people with disabilities realizing the injustices, and taking a stand for what is right. As a result, many government agencies have been formed to make sure that laws are created to ensure that people with disabilities receive the same basic rights as those without disabilities.Legislature has been a huge step towards equality, but it doesn't change the mind of the public.

Resources:- American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities- Easter Seals

A lot of people immediately assume that someone with a disability constantly needs help, but this is not true. Instead of focusing on the disability, we should focus on the person. The only help we should automatically give, is to help have fun and enjoy life.

Yes, there are some limitations due to having a disability. Even people without a disability can't do everything by themselves. Hower, many people with disabilities are more than capable of holding a job, yet not many employers will give them a chance.

Seeing Beyond the Disability

Let's change our view of disabilities!

Society's initial view on people with disabilities was that they belonged in institutions, shunned away from the community. These people were treated cruelly and were not truly thought of as "people". Sadly, this automatic negative connotation still exists today.



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