Special Edu. Expectations.

by ninacq
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Special Edu. Expectations.

What are your expectations for yourself as a student? As a future teacher?As a student, I expect my self to set goals and reach them, I expect myself to pass all classes, to help other students, to learn from my peers, as well as my instructors, i expect myself to do everything I put myself to do. Likewise, as a teacher I expect to do everything I do now, I will expect myself to be humble and understanding with my students like I would like a teacher to be with me. I expect myself to be a role model to my students.

What do you hope to learn during this class?I have never really worked with a child with special needs, just preschoolers with specail behaviors, and so from this course I hope to learn and implement teqniques in the classroom to help the student engage in classroom activity. I also hope to find ways to best communicate with parents of child's needs and how they can also get invovled and maybe help them implement new ways at home.

Course: Intro to Secial Edu.

Carina Quezada

Will the kind of student you are now reflect on the type of teacher you might become? Why or why not?I strongly do believe that the student I am now will reflect the teacher I will be. Just like you have said in your emails we need to be the best students now to be the best teacher in the near future.

What do you plan to do to be successful in this course?To be succesful you have to do more, you have to love what you are doing, there should be a 'need' to want to help others, to be successful you need to have the right people surrounding you to give you the support and feedback. And in this course to be succesful I need to do all of this.

Title: Expectations!

What do you think this class is all about?I think this class is all about preparing my self to teach, to teach children all that I can, to help children learn in ways that they can understand. This class is about going out of what is expected to find my own creativity and apply it to my classroom. I really like how we are strongly encouraged, almost forced, to be creative in the class projects.

Do you have preconceived notions about Special Needs Learners? If so, what are they?I have no preconceived notions about Special Neds Learners, for I have never been around to make andy assumptions, but I do knw that I will do all that I can to learn all about the needs and implement them to not only the class but also in my personal experiences.

What issues will you face in your journey to become a teacher? How can this class help you overcome these issues?My number one issue is my lack of communication. I hope with this class I learn different ways to communicate with the specail needs child to better understand the class and more so the parent on how to communicate properly the needs of the child.



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