spanish 1 midterm review

by NewtonProfesora
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spanish 1 midterm review

1. Listen to the questions recorded. Record & post your response next to each.

2. Find a picture of each of the school supplies listed and post it next to the right word.

3. List the verbs that the cook mentions, and take a picture of yourself doing each of those verbs. to post.

4. Watch the video and make a shopping list in Spanish of ingredients you need to make this recipe.BONUS: include amounts you need of each with numbers in Spanish


AlgodónBaldesBalonesBorradoresCaneca de basuraCartulinaCuadernosGrabadoraGuantesJuegos de Mesa

JuguetesLápizLibrosMapa mundialPapel higiénicoPelículasRopaToallasUtensilios de cocinaZapatos



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