solreview 8thgrade reading

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solreview 8thgrade reading

READING FOR A PURPOSEStart with passage 1 and keep going!

INFERENCE BATTLESHIPChoose "Hard" as the computer skill level. You might wonder what in the world this has to do with reading but as you are about to hit the enemy's ship, you will be asked a question.

READING TERMS STUDY STACKThe following choices work best with this stack of cards: Matching, Unscramble, Hangman, Bug Match, and Crossword.

TV411 - READINGThese passages are SHORT and will help you develop valuable reading skills. When you finish one lesson (your pick), please do another until the time is called.

NAME THAT LITERARY ELEMENTChoose 1 player, difficulty level of 2, and "All Books" to play. If you get a screen that requests a password, stop and let Mrs. Straley know so she can put it in.

STUDY MY ENGLISHYou are welcome to try any section listed on this page but I suggest starting with Analogies, Antonyms, or Sentence Completion. Don't forget there is a hint button!

LEARNING RESOURCESClick on "Story" and read the passage. After you have read the story, click on the first item in the "Activities" list on the left. Answer the questions and click "next" until you get to a page that asks for personal information. At that point, click on "Home" on the left and "Story Archives" and choose a different passage to read/answer.

ROOTING OUT WORDSYou may pick any of the game levels or categories listed on this page. When you are finished, scroll down and click on "Play 'Rooting out Words' Again" ~ this the only game you can play during this 10 minute time slot.

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8th Grade Reading SOL Review

Directions:1. Click on one of the 8 papers below and use the site's features until time is called (about 10 minutes).2. Answer the 5 survey questions about the site you just visited.3. Repeat this process until the final time is called.



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