Social Responsibility and Ethics in Journalism

by Aja1973
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Social Responsibility and Ethics in Journalism

Social Responsibility and Ethics in Journalism

Step One: Conduct research on social responsibility and ethics in Journalism.

Step Two: Here is your chance to play the role of an editor. The following cases are based on real news events. Some are from the files of The London Free Press, others are copies from similar quizzes at other newspapers. You have two choices in each scenario. There are no right or wrong answers. Decide: Would you publish all of the information provided by your reporters, or not? Discuss your choices with a classmate.

Step Four: View the educated opinions of other sixth graders here:

Step Three: Now view the percentages of each option chosen by actual editors and reader comments.

Step Five: On Edmodo, discuss with schoolmates how this information will affect us as we create our own blogs.

Click: What is a Blog?


-What responsibilities to society do journalists have? -Be sure to watch the video defining the word "blog", if you haven't already.

During the last part of class, you may continue working on your citation, which is due today--no later than 11:59 p.m. Please ask, if you need help finding an appropriate article. Go back to the tutorial in Lesson 5 for help accessing the library databases and NoodleTools.



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