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The Snowflake's Song by Natalie S.

The Snowflake's Song

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Snowflakes softly fallOnto a pure white blanket of snowThere is a calm feeling in the airThat brings peace and loveThe snowflakes fall in a melodyAnd sing the silent song of winterThe trees sway in the cool breezeDancing without a careAnd as I watchI can’t help but get an urge to join themAnd twirl around as the music moves meAs I hold out my handAnd the snowflakes land on my palmI notice how each snowflake is so differentAnd yet the sameThey all share the same purpose in lifeSearching to find their pathSearching for the groundBut at the same time they are all individualsThey are like people in a waySometimes in life we just feel lostLike we are drifting in a cold breezeBut if we come togetherWe could make our own mystifying songOne that could move others to join usOne that could change the world

31 December 2009 McGee-zine Staff


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