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slava raskaj

Deaf since birth (1877), Raškaj was schooled in Vienna and Zagreb, where her mentor was the Croatian painter Bela Čikoš Sesija.

Slava Raškaj was a painter considered to be the greatest Croatian watercolorist of the late 19th and early 20th century.


In the late 1890s she started painting en plein air, depicting outdoor scenes from the Zagreb Botanical Garden, Maksimir Park and other parks in the city, featuring somewhat lighter tones and colors.In 1899 she returned to her hometown of Ozalj and continued to paint outdoors, which was also unusual at the time. Her most valuable paintings were all created in the 1890s, including works such as Self-portrait, Spring in Ozalj, The Old Mill and others.

In her twenties Raškaj was diagnosed with acute depression and was institutionalised for the last three years of her life before dying in 1906 from tuberculosis in Zagreb.

2.II.1877 – 29.III.1906

Self-portrait (1898)

Tree in the Snowvl. Moderna galerija, Zagreb



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