six thing about lizz

by Consuela
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six thing about lizz

1: i am wierd, don't deny it. when you talk to me you will be all like, "wow, theres something about her that i can't put my finger on," and that my freind is wierdness, on the good side of the wierd spectrum of coarse.

Can u Say HOT!!

3: BEWARE- i can break out into totally random song and dance, this will suck you into a moment of smiling, like water into a sham-wow

5 i contain the superhero power of... total forgettingness, i have been cursed with this afliction ever since i was electricuted as a child or at least i think so...

6 i am totally adicted to hugs and petting and back rubs (if you find yurself asking why plz refer to #1)

Six Things to Know About Lizz!

4: who doesnt love vampires, really, bcuz i do. Not really twilight but more of vampire diaries and Angel, it always garentees a shirtless scene.

2: i love muscles, they are totally beutyful, especially on a hot celeb like idk Taylor Lautner? maybe, YES!!!


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