silken my passions

by neklis
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Social Studies
Jewish History

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silken my passions

My family and friends are some of the most important things in my life. I love to just stay at home and relax with my family and hanging out and having fun with my friends.

My hobbies include reading and writing. I love the opportunity books give to escape reality and go on amazing adventures with amazing characters. Writing allows the same feeling of entering another world, one that I create and have control over. It also feels great to be able to excersize my imagination and creativity.

I have always had a passion for travelling. Even though my family never has done a lot of travelling, I love imagining all the amazing and exotic places I will see. The top destinations on my list are Fiji Greece. I have always dreamed of smelling the Mediterranean air and seeing the whitewashed buildings of Greece, and even though I've never been there, Fiji has been my happy place since I was little. Also I plan on definitely re-visiting Europe after having an unforgettable experience on the school Europe trip I went on this year.

My Passions


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