Shrek Third

by Sherek
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Shrek Third

Shrek Third Shrek was an ogre, he was very ugly. He was married with Fiona and he had three ogres. Fiona was a princess, but she was buried so because of that she was a ogre too. The Fiona´s father was very sick and he died, before he die , he asked Shrek to want Arthur, the next king because Shrek didn't want to become a king. The man called Prince Charming want to become king to but he wasn't the next king, Prince Charming wanted villains to battle with he and take throne . The day of battle came and the villains fighted with Shrek and his friends. Shrek fight with PrinceCharming and won the fight. Arthur became the new king of Far Far Away.

fiona´s friends

The battle

Shrek Third

Fiona´s Father

Shrek 3 Film




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