Shared Reading

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Language Arts
Beginning readers

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Shared Reading

The teacher chooses a BIG BOOK to be read all week. The book must have large print, predictable story structure, engaging illustrations, and contain some sort of rhythmic pattern. Each day the teacher plans to re-read the book inviting the students to read aloud at the same time. After the book is read, the teacher focuses on one component of literacy a day and guides the class in a discussion or activity that reinforces this as it pertains to the story. By the end of the week, the students will be very confident and perhaps able to read the book independently.



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1) Choose a BIG BOOK! This will be read all week. 2) Do some kind up warm up activity like a Picture Walk. 3) Read the book!4) Talk about the Book!Questions, inferences, and predictions.4) Re-read inviting children to read along!Accompany an activity to focus us on a different literacy component!



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