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Glogster is an online tool which enables teachers and students to create effective and challenging interactive posters. The example here is for Shabbat.

Ask challenging questions. Ensure that support and resources are available to enable high level thinking and understanding. For example questions such as, 'What does the song [if a song were to be used] suggest is important?' Why? (AT1) What sort of prior learning, knowledge, skills and experiences will students need to respond appropriately?A question such as, 'What are the most important things in life for you? or 'What if all days were the same?' (AT2) require a student to be reflective and show sensitivity. Responses to such questions could form the basis of a Glogster produced by students.

Use a background that supports the learning - here a page in Hebrew from Genesis .... in the beginning

Sound, web or video links can be inserted. There are three links on this page.

May peace be upon you



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