SF - AWH: The Rise of Democracy

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SF - AWH: The Rise of Democracy

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DefinitionsMonarch - A single ruler, such as a king, queen or emperor, who holds all the power in a country or empireAristocrate - a member of the most powerful class in ancient Greek societyOligarchs - one of several people who rule a country or the empire together, sharing the powertryant - a person who seizes power illegallycitizens - a member of a democracy, who has certain rights and responsibilitiesassembly - a group of citizens in an ancient Greek democracy with the power to pass laws.

Sherilyn FarrisAncient World History4/13/12

Social Studies & Technology PresentationOverview: You will become the teacher of a chapter from your social studies textbook. You will present your chapter to the class. Your presentation will be accompanied by a Glogster. You will not have social studies time to work on this presentation. You will be able to work on this during Technology, IW or Home.

Ancient World HistoryChapter 26The Rise of Democracy

Glogster page must include the following: Name and Date Chapter Number and Title 70-100 Word Summary for EACH section of your chapter. STRICT WORD LIMIT! DO NOT GO OVER. 4-7 Photos related to your chapter Captions for each photo 1-2 Maps or Graphs Captions for each map or graph Terms & Definitions for all highlighted words in the chapter A webcam video of you asking 3-4 questions for class to answer at end of presentation OPTIONAL: A video from GaggleTube related to your chapter 2-3 Wall graphics 1 link to a relevant and related website Wordle (must include 10-15 key terms/words/ideas related to the chapter)

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Due Dates:4/16 – Ms. Sylvia Intro Glogster to students. 4/23 – Technology work day5/1 – DUE: Word doc. of Chapter Section Summaries, Definitions, Statistical Graph/Map – Turned into Ms. Sherilyn 5/3 – DUE: Revisions of Chapter Section Summaries, Definitions, Statistical Graph/Map. Original draft MUST be included with revision – Turned into Ms. Sherilyn5/7 – Technology work day5/14 – Technology work day5/17 – DUE: Visual of Glogster . Turned into Ms. Sherilyn5/21 – Completed Glogster Presentations Pt 16/6 – Completed Glogster Presentations Pt 2

More Information to help you with your Glogster is located at :www.millhoppertech.comClick: Social Studies/Tech AssignmentHAVE FUN!

Have Fun with History!I found this link under homework help in

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