Sex Issue

by TwiheartAlice
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Sex Issue

Too Young

The Consequences of Teenage Sex: Teenage Pregnancy

The media is constantly lying to today's youth. Telling them that drinking achohol, abusing illeagal (and legal) substances and being sexually active is a part of being in the "in crowd". Well you can be completely casual about drugs or your sex life, if you can handle the consequences. Are you prepared to handle an unexpected preg-nancy at 16, 15, 14 or even 13 years old? Will you take responsibility for the baby you accidently brought into the world? Or will you give it up for adoption or heaven forbid abort the growing life in your womb? Are you ready to make those difficult decisions? You probably answered no. Well then why are so many young people having casual unprotected sex. If you are gonna have sex, how hard is it to put on a condom. And a sure fire way to not get pregnant: DON'T HAVE SEX. Abstinence never fails.

Its never easy to love someone.

But its easy to make decisions about sex.



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