Severe Weather Drew Simms

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Weather and Climate

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Severe Weather Drew Simms

Statiscts: 1. From 2008 to 2012, the average flood claim amounted to nearly $42,000. 2. The Joplin tornado of May 22, 2011 is considered the costliest tornado in recent history, with damage totals near $2.8 billion.3. Lightining causes an average of about 60 fatalities and 300 injuries each year.4. Straight-line winds are responsible for most thunderstorm wind damage.

Facts and Myths:Myth: Highway and interstate overpasses are safe shelters against a tornado. Fact: Overpasses can concentrate the tornado winds, causing them to be significantly stronger. This places the people under them in an even more dangerous situation.Myth: The low pressure with a tornado causes buildings to explode. Opening the windows will equalize the pressure, saving the building. Fact: Opening the windows in an attempt to equalize pressure will have no effect. It is the violent winds and debris that cause most structural damage.

Severe WeatherDrew Simms

Facts and Myths:Myth: Thunderstorms and tornadoes always move from west to east. Fact: More often than not, thunderstorms move from west to east. Conditions in the atmosphere dictate how and where storms will move, and it can be in any direction.Myth: It’s not raining here, and skies above me are clear, therefore I am safe from lightning. Fact: Lightning can strike many miles away from the thunderstorm. If storms are in your area, but skies happen to be clear above you, that certainly does not imply you are safe from lightning.Myth: Flash floods only occur along flowing streams. Fact: Flash floods can and do occur in dry creek or river beds as well as urban areas where no streams are present.


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