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AstronomyHave you loved stars since you were a little kid? Are you ready to really learn about black holes, the formation of stars and what is really on the surface of other planets? Astronomy will shed light on all these topics. Additionally this is the only half-year elective in the school that you can get college credit for completing successfully.

Science ResearchWhat field of science interests you? Did you learn something that excited you as a freshman and now you want to explore on your own terms? Science research is a three year program where students pick the topic they want to study and then pursue an internship in their field of choice. Former students have gone to RPI, Neural Stem Cell Institute, Union College, and the UAlbany RNA Institute to name a few. Most of the program is done as an independent study.

Science Research


BCHS Science Electives

Forensics Are you hooked on CSI, Hawaii 5.0 or Elementary? Then forensics would be the perfect fit. In this half-year course you will analyze blood splatter, lift fingerprints and footprints, and get the inside track on decoding coded messages. The NYS crime lab and an FBI field office right outside of Bethlehem and offer a wealth of careers.


Human Anatomy and Physiology Are Nursing, Physical Therapy, Physician’s Assistant, Physician, or Biomedical technologies in your future? Get a leg up on the competition in Human Anatomy. This half-year elective will go through the human anatomy and physiology to give you a leg up on the medical terms, vocabulary and the processes that go on within the human body. Recommended for anyone planning to take college biology.

Human Anatomy

AP Environmental ScienceDo you want an electric car and solar panels but just don’t know enough about them? Do you want to save the environment? Do you want to keep our community clean? Then AP Environmental science is the course for you. This is an AP board offering with an AP test that can transfer in college credit.

AP Environmental Science

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Wildlife Biology Do you love animals? Are you interested in current events that involve the environment and how biotic and abiotic factors work together to keep our ecosystem clean and safe? Learn about the bee crisis, what is happening to the bat population and how to conduct stream research to determine if a body of water is clean or polluted. This course will give you the needed skills to complete an internship in stream health at Five Rivers.

Wildlife Biology



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