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How sound crack glass?

DO YOU KNOW?Opera singers have been rumoured to break glass with just their singing note. They have been trained to produce more than 100 db of volume and would have good pitch to match the resonance of the glass.

The volume required is more than 100 db to break the glass, a level that is difficult but not impossible to reach with just the voice. Normal speech is around 50 db. In experiments, often an amplifier and speaker are used so achieve the required volume.

The answer is that an empty wine glass can be broken by sound alone if the sound is at the right frequency and volume.

A glass has a natural resonance. Resonance is the natural frequency at which the glass will readily vibrate. To find the resonance of the glass, ping the glass and listen to the sound. That is the correct frequency (or tone) for the glass to start to vibrate

Making the same tone as the natural frequency of the glass will induce vibration in the glass. However, the note alone is not the only factor - volume is also important. The louder the sound, the more violent the vibrations will be. When they reach a level that the glass cannot withstand it will shatter.


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