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causes of schistosomiasis

signs and symtoms of schistosomiasis

•Heavy infestation (many parasites) may cause fever, chills.enlargement, and liver and spleen enlargement.•Symptoms of the skin may cause itching and a rash . In this condition, the schistosome is destroyed within the skin.•The Intestinal symptoms are abdominal pain and diarrhea

The causes of schistosomiasis is you get it in contaminated water. It is transmitted through Bathing, swimming or any working with water that is contaminated. When it is on a humane the parasite burrows into the skin, matures into another larval stage, then migrates into the lungs and liver, where it matures into the adult form.The adult worm then migrates to its preferred body part, depending on its species. Schistosomiasis is not usually seen in the United States. It is common in many tropical and subtropical areas worldwide, where it affects more than 200 million people.

This disease is treated with a drug called Praziquantel. If the infection is severe or involves the brain, corticosteroids may be given.



•Avoid swimming or bathing in contaminated •Avoid bodies of water of unknown safetySnails are an intermediate host for the parasite.


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