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Scarlett Tech Book Report

Listen to the song Oath by Cher Lloyd It's all about best friends!

Symbol of the Story

Meet Scarlett, a twelve year old wild child who's been kicked out of practically every school in London. Scarlett's a troublemaker. She gets phone calls home a lot and kicked out of schools for her behavior. Scarlett is also a very shy girl. She doesn't have many friends and she doesn't really try to make friends either. She's always acting up at school, mainly because of her parents' split. She thinks it's unfair, and wants them to get back together.

Setting of the Story

"Well, not anymore. I've had enough." - Scarlett's mother, page 27

"Mrs. Mulhern, are you saying my daughter has been expelled?"- Scarlett's mother, page 18

''I didn't! I may have had a scalpel in my hand, but. . .''- Scarlett, page 22

I chose a cottage in the woods as the symbol of the story brcuase things take a turn for Scarlett when she gets here.

The setting of the story takes place in London, England and Ireland in present time. In London, this is where Scarlett lives with her mother. In Ireland lives Scarlett's father.

ScarlettBy: Cathy CassidyZakira LangiaMrs. NixonPeriod 6April 30th, 2013

Theme of the StoryThe theme of Scarlett is that it's really important to have friends and family who are there to help you and support you because one day they might change your life.

Each of these quotes is a great example from the book because you don't know what they mean and that gets you interested to know more about what's going on.

Cathy Cassidy tends to use a lot of metaphors in this story. A metaphor is describing one thing as if it's something else. An example is that Scarlett's mother once said, ''Your friends are a nightmare.''

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