Save Sharks

by YanYanPhon
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Save Sharks

What are happening to them now?Sharks are ancient animals that are about to extinct because of people trying to kill them just to get their fins. But then throwing their body back into the ocean leaving those sharks suffering for minutes. Then, little fishes will bite tiny bits, of the sharks leaving it with bones left. There are over a hundred species of sharks and most of them are about to extinct very fast. If you want to help out to reduce this disaster read more on the ''What should you do? Advices''.


Save Sharks From All Around The World


What you should do?

1) Why don't you try telling your friends and families about this, so they could know that not all sharks are harmful or endangered and attacks humans..2) How about conviencing your friends and families not to eat shark fin soup very often becuase this might help reduce people from killing millions of sharks.3) Create posters and websites to let other people know more about sharks and that they are ancient animals, so if you kill them they will extinct.



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