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by lisawhitson
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SAT Tips

SAT Tips!

General Tips:

1)Don't change an answer unless you're sure its wrong. Second guessing can cause you to miss a question.2)Skip the questions you have no idea on, you wont loose points for skipped questions. Spend more etime on answering questions than trying to figure hard questions out.3)Keep tack of your time!4)Take time in the beginning to read the directions.

Critical Reading Tips:

1)Manage Time Wisely: Do questions that will take less time first.2)No Passage Jumping: Stick with a passage till the end.3)Read Carefully: The answer is in the passge, finding it is key.4)Do the easy questions first.

Math Tips:

1)Read the diresctions FIRST then answer.2)Choose the Correct formula from the test book.3)Draw what you read!4)Eliminate wrong answers and cross them out.5)Carefully read the questions.

Writing Tips:

1)Make a well developed example.2)Put yourself in the authors shoes3)Use your opinion.4)It is best to have a short essay that is good then a long essay that is poorly written.

Essay Test Tips:

1)Read entire assignment.2)Feel free to use ''I''3)Use your point of view.4)Be able to support your point of view.



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