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Sample Libraries and Ideas

www.openingthebook.comPhoto 1: There is plenty of natural lighting from the sky lights and from the windows. The bookcases are colorful and not too tall. They would be appropriate for patrons that are between the ages of 4 - 6. There are different colors on the wall to differentiate the different sections of the library.

www.openingthebook.comPhoto 2: The bookshelves would be eye level for early primary students. The carpet is very colorful. There are a lot of windows to provide natural lighting for the students. There is also space in between the desk so that students have room to work and move around. Photo 3: The bookshelves are movable so as a media specialist you do have more flexibility with arranging your space. The signage is large and easy to read. There is some bright primary colors used as accents.

www.condoricet.comPhoto 4: Bright red walls! The low shelving makes it possible to use the space above the shelves for displays. Photo 5: Bright colors used on the walls along with a colorful mural that are perfect for early childhood patrons. There is more color with the seating area for the students. Located in this reading “knook” is also a bookshelf. 6: Nice use of primary colors- yellow wall and blue carpet. There is a colorful mural on the wall to break up the yellow. The use of wooden boxes on wheels to house the everybody books is unique and break up the yellow.


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