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As for we have the picture below that also represents how supply and demand can be described. Everybody knows having a car comes with lots of responisibilites. one major responsibility is having gas in the car. As much as gas goes up people complain which is the only thing they can do because they rely on it. the picture below illustrates a guy that seems to be unhappy with buying gas but he has no choice and wishes gas would be just a little bit cheaper. now once he finds that one gas station that offers him, cheaper gas he will no longer go to the one he is at. that cheaper gas station that he always wished for now becomes a monopoly simply because they eliminate competition.

The guy to the right is obviously asking people for money. for a person cause and thats because he needs it. now and days people love entertainment like this so they get lured into giving their money away to things like this. the way he conducts his demand is by being truthful and revealing a smile. believe it or not but these people make lots of money. This is an example of a non market profiting system because none of the money he is making is going to the Government

Supply and DemandBy: Samantha Raymond

Notice How This Guy Gives an Example of Supply and Demand . . .

DemandDemand is basically what the people want, what they need and how there're going to get it in their possesion. Now with the example I have explained in supply, these people enjoy having clean healthy hair and they wont back down on a price as cheap as mine. Therefore they request more and more of the product which means more money for me. But what happens if somewhere down the line the factory produces too many and people stop buying it because they find out it has a breakage chemical? all those extra supplied products either get sold at a cheaper price or doesnt get sold at all. Is this good enough? well, if not lets dig a little deeper. Take a look below

The definition of supply and demand is as simple as it looks.


SupplySupply is another way of saying " well how much needs to be produced " according to how much quantity of a product people demand. It can also bring a rising action or a falling one. The supplier often provides this kind of service. Lets say for example i have a hair care product that is massively good for your hair and sold at a cheaper price than the old brand which is good as well but since the price is so high people hesistate to buy. My product eventually leaves me with no competition and more hair care products to produce back in the factory. This is actually good on my hand because now i can pay my laborers a good salary and keep my business running non stop.



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