Ryleigh Rainforest Vocabulary

by scbnzgcyo
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SpeciesA group of plants or animals that are of the same type.#LivinwithFamily

ForagingSearching for food.#HuntitDown!

EndemicNative to a region and found nowhere else.#OneinaMillion

HabitatArea in which a organism lives.#Hanginathome

ChlorophyllThe greeen matter in plants needed to produce food.#Goinggreen

EcosystemA system where organisms live and interact with each other.#Livingwithfriends

DependenceThe Ecological process when one plant or animal needs another to survive.#Sticktogether

BiotaEverything that is living,including what we cannot see.#LiveForever

AdaptTo change to be able to survive in a paticular enviroment .#ChangeorDie

BiodiversityThe variaty of all living organisms. #Alldiffernet

MigrationTo move from one place to another at differnet times of the year.#TimeToMove!

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