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My Opinion

Rosie Ruiz

The marathon runner who cheated!

Footage from the Boston Marathon, Ruiz is in yellow!

Rosie Ruiz was 21 when she took part in the 84th Boston Marathon on April 21st, 1980. She was believed to be the first runner to cross the finish line with an amazing time of 2 hours 31 minutes and 56 seconds! She claimed the glory and got all the media attention, it shocked officials that she barely looked like she broken a sweat and her breathing was very easy seeing as she had just run a 26.2 mile course. Soon after the race, race officials determined that Rosie had not run the whole marathon! She sneakily registered, not started with the other runners, catch the train to a later location where the runners would then run pass, jump in at the last mile, sprint to the end and claim all the glory! The real winner of the race, Jacqueline Gareau of Canada who had finished the race in 2 hours 34 minutes and 28 seconds was later given her rightful gold medal. Unfortunately, she did not media attention and recognition she deserved due to Rosie

Get This...

Rosie Ruiz not only cheated on the Boston Marathon but she also cheated on the New York Marathon which she cheated in to qualify for the Boston Marathon!

What Happened?

In my opinion, Rosie should have been banned from running. The fact that she cheated twice, is unbelievable. I do however think that it is very fair they did not let her re run the race or re do the race as it was her choice to cheat and break the rules. I think that Rosie Ruiz made a huge mistake which ruined her reputation as a runner, she was never seen the same way as before.

Alanna Ramsay 9.2

Ethical Principles

There is only one ethical principle that has been affected and that is the ethical principle of following the rules and fair play. In sports it is incredibly important to play by the rules so that all players have equal chances to win the game or race they are participating in. By Rosie breaking the rules it was also unfair on the other runners as they were playing by the rules and she was not. By her cheating and getting much publicity on her win, it sends out the message of “breaking rules is okay if you win” when it is not. Rosie as a runner had the responsibility to play fair, abide the rules and to be a role model to younger aspiring runners she did not meet any of her responsibilities. There are no ethical pluses as this incident has no positives. The incident reflects unfair play which is ethically wrong to break the rules.

Impact On Sport

After Rosie cheated on both races actions to stop cheating were taken in place. They enforced safety guards and more race officials to observe and make sure all runners start the race at the beginning. They also enforced extensive video surveillance during the whole making sure all runners are playing by the rules, they also introduced a special software called transponder timing RFID system which monitors electronically when the runners pass at different check points. Other races at the time also made these changes to stop runners from even thinking about cheating!


The media light Rosie Ruiz up like a star on Broadway, as soon as she ran past the finish line and claimed first place the media swarmed her. Their initial response to Rosie was to congratulate her on her accomplishment, but after the truth the amount of media around her doubled, it made good news “ Boston 1st place runner cheat!”. The media did not handle the situation well, you would of hoped that they would of then got to congratulate and acknowledge the real winner but they just swarmed Ruiz. The opinion of the media and public like most people shocked and disappointed that a runner would cheat! Ruiz was frowned upon by the public and fellow runners.


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