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Roman Times

OBITUARYJulius Caesar: Caesar was found dead with stab wounds in the street on March 15. Julius Caesar was a senator and general for Rome. He recently won his respect and likeness of the citizens when he returned after a military campaign killing the General Pompey. Caesar is also a loving husband and adopted father. He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and citizens. Caesar is like the Northen star.

Roman Times

Editorial:Dear Rome,I don’t think Caesar should have died. He came back from the successful battle he had won not only winning the battle but winning the rest from the town. Caesar would have been a great ruler if he had the chance. He was already a really good general and senator. The act the conspiracy committed in him was horrifying when I saw the stab wounds. I feel that they were envious of Caesar because they wish they would have had his power and the acceptance of the City of Rome.Sincerely,A Caesar Fan

WEATHERMarch 14- Violent thunderstorms all night. The weather should appear to be harsh and loud which may bring in some strange appearances in the market place, and i visit from the gods. So if you go out on this day be aware of lions and owls and any other unnatural things and also be carful of the storms.

ASSASSINATION OF CAESAROn March 15, Julius Caesar was found in the capital streets with several stab wounds. A local citizen witnessed this crime. He said that it was a few man wearing hats and coats to hide their identities, first then knelt down to act like they were going to praise him but then out of know where Caesar was on the ground and they were chanting “Tyranny is dead”. After the sabbing happened he said the men were bathing their hands in Caesar’s blood. As you can see this assassination leaves everyone in sorrow and also it is one of the saddest ones because it lead up to the deaths of Cassius and the beloved Brutus.

HOROSCOPEBeware of the Ides of March. Something bad will happen on this day. The night before someone close to you will have a dream about omens that are coming and weird things happening, they will warn you but you will not listen. Watch your every move.



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