Road to War Part Two

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Road to War Part Two

The Dred Scott Decision was one of the biggest caeses in U.S. hostory. The claim was that Mr Scott and his wife lived in Illinois where slavery was illegal, and that they should be allowed thier freedom. The case was brought up to the supreme court and eventually denied because seven out of the nine agreed that slaves had no rights and would not get freedom.Learn More

This compromise allowed missouri to be a slave state and maine a free state. It also said that all new states that wanted to be slave states had to be under the Mason Dixon line (36° 30′ N latitude). This compromise would be followed until the civil war. Learn More

It started with Nat Turner who had visions, and he thought it was a message from God saying to kill the slave owners. He followed through with this and preached this to the other slaves and convinced them to join him. On August 31 in 1831, they sought to it to kill as many white people as possible.Learn More

Road to War: Part Two.

Ostend Manifesto

The Ostend Manifesto was a document written in Ostend Belgium, its content was saying that Cuba should be apart of the United States. Many Pro slavery politicians wanted this to happen. When Northerners caught wind of this they became outraged. The North thought this would extend slavery, and theydid not want this. Learn More

Election of Abraham Lincoln

In the turmoil of the 1860's many southerners knew that if Abraham Lincoln was elected, they would see an attempt at the end of slavery. After he was officially elected many states made a declaration of succesion from the Union.Learn More

The Dred Scott Decision

Nat Turner Rebellion

The Missouri Compromise



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