Respiratory System

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  • eguerr9 6 years ago

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    that is great don't let anyone tell you different :)

  • katelyntyas 6 years ago

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    Very cool and i reckon they should have more text cuz' the movies take too long :)

  • Tehescmarts 6 years ago

    Tehescmarts's avatar

    :) I love seeing and hearing the videos. They help me understand better than a book. But text helps you to remember things too. A few lines on each video would be good. I will try and remember to do that. Good idea katelyntyas!

  • Alabamacallsmebyname 6 years ago

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    i can use this for school!!! yeah!!!! we are learning this right now anyway. i passed the final exam with a B on the body systems

  • mjohnson56 6 years ago

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    This is great. However, I think a little more text should be added next time. Just a suggestion!

  • Tehescmarts 6 years ago

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    Love the suggestions. Added titles for videos--hope that helps.The respiratory system is all about getting oxygen to mitochondria to break up glucose to get energy for living. It then removes the carbon dioxide made during the break up of glucose. Yay--respiration! Respiration at cellular level:

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