Research Using Databases and NoodleTools

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Research Using Databases and NoodleTools

Research Using Library Databases and NoodleTools

STEP ONEPlay this interactive game, about how to avoid plagiarism, and learn some important research tips.

STEP TWOWork through the tutorial "Research Using MMS Databases and Noodletools" (password posted in the computer lab). DO NOT SIT AND WATCH FROM BEGINNING TO END. Instead, split your screen in half. On one side, watch, pause, rewind, fast forward the video. On the other, do what the tutorial says to do. EACH PERSON in the group must find and cite a DIFFERENT article.

STEP THREECopy the actual citation you created on NoodleTools, NOT THE URL, and turn it in to the "Sixth Grade PROJECT TASK: Research - Citation" assignment box on Edmodo. Log in directly to the assignment box on Edmodo:

STEP FOURIf time allows, begin writing your fact paragraph, preferably in Google Docs, based on relevant information you learned from your article.



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Before we begin creating our websites and blogs, we must research our topics and cite our sources. Check out this example of how the citations will look. CLICK HERE.



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