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by brettakin
Last updated 3 years ago

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Reprint Superlatives

Most Likely To Act on Broadway:Charlie Whitlock

Most Likely To Become a Billionaire:Huntley Davenport

Most Likely To Become the President:Teddy Hill

Most Likely To Work For Chaney

Most Likely To Start the Next "Apple:"Taylor Tucker

Most Likely To Play a Pro Sport:Jimmy Starnes

Most Likely To Start a Gaming CompanyDavid Millman

To Write the Next Great Book Series:Alex Johnson

Most Likely To Appear on SNL:Peter Mathews

Most Likely To Become a Teacher at StCMax Macek

To Become "The World's Strongest Man:"Elby Omohundro

8th Grade

Good Luck in Upper School, Class of 2019!



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