removed copyrighted images Lacrosse vs. Baseball | Jude and Leo

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removed copyrighted images Lacrosse vs. Baseball | Jude and Leo


Baseball wins by three!!

What are your LEAST favorite things about Baseball and Lacrosse?



Which nickname do people like more? Now we know!

Lacrosse vs. baseball has been a preeminent argument throughout this school for many years. So, to finally settle the argument we sent out a survey and asked which sport is preferred. We got some great results! Out of 127 people, 65 people said they liked baseball better, and 62 said they liked lacrosse better! Close, right? Out of the 62 people who said they liked lacrosse better 36 said lacrosse was their favorite sport. And out of the 65 people who said they liked baseball better only 28 said it was their favorite sport We also asked people what made them like lacrosse or baseball better. Out of the 127 people who answered, lacrosse fans reported that their sport is “just more fun than baseball.” Baseball fans reported that their favorite part of the game is “either batting or playing in the field.”As well as asking people what they liked most about these sports we asked them what they liked least. For lacrosse, 57 people said there was nothing they disliked, and 20 said they didn’t like playing it. As for baseball, only 45 people said they didn’t like watching it. This was followed by the 44 people who said there was nothing they disliked about the sport. Which is funny, because 66 people said they watch baseball more than lacrosse, and only 57 people said they liked watching lacrosse more. Finally, when asked about sport nicknames,more people prefer the name “lax” over the name “America’s Sport.”

by Jude Reiferson and Leo Poggi

Lacrosse vs. Baseball



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