[2015] Sara Goldman (Spring 02): Reducing Fractions Lesson

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Purpose:Today you will learn how to reduce fractions into simplest form. To do that you will need to identify a number that can be divided by both the numerator and the denominator to simplify the fractions into simplist form.

Objective: Students will be able to reduce fractions into simplest form by finding a commom factor.

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Go ahead and practice reducing fractions in this activiity. Play at least 3 rounds of the game. It is important that you feel comfortable reducing the fractions. Once you move on to the next activity the fractions will get harder.

The following video will give you a glimpse of what it means to simplify fractions.The best way to reduce a fraction is to find the largest number that can be divided by both the numerator and the denomonator.

Please click on the mathsheet above to get access to your assessment. You need to print the worksheet, complete the problems and hand it in for grading.

Have a great time playing this reducing fractions game. A fraction appears as your pointer. Your job is to think of what the fraction is in reduced form. You then click on a fraction picture that matches the reduced fraction. Select the simplist level to begin and play the version that is not timed.

Click on the math problem for a link to a webpage. You will learn what it means to simplify fractions. There are three methods you can use to simplfy fractions: Reducing factions, finding the GCF or the fraction tool. The fraction tool is fun and easy to use. Try it out for fun but on all assigments you are required to simplify fractions by hand without using the tool.



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