Reconstruction Era

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Reconstruction Era

The goal of Reconstruction was to rebuild the south and bring the Confederate states back into the union.

What was the goal of Reconstruction?

Reconstruction Era

The Freedmen’s Bureau was established by Congress and the president in March 1865 to help former enslaved people adjust to freedom. The agency provided medical services, food, and clothing to freed African Americans.It also started schools and funded new African American Universities.

Who was the Freedman's Bureau?

The KKK was a secret society of people that used fear and violence to deny rights to freed men and women. They wore white sheets and hoods and killed many African Americans and their white friends. They also burn homes, schools, and churches.

Who was the KKK?

What are the 13th,14th, and 15th amendments and how do they fit with Reconstruction?

The 13th amendment abolish slavery. This was the first step of reconstruction. States had to ratify the 13th amendment in order to enter the Union.

The 15th amendment gave male citizens the right to vote. This was important to reconstruction because it thought that power of the ballot would enable African Americans to protect themselves.

The 14th amendment is where people get full citizenship to all people born in the United States. In addition every state must grant its citizens equal protection of the law. This was important to the reconstruction because southern states were passing laws that kept African Americans from holding certain jobs and limited their property rights.



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