Recipe for Making LLC Hub of School

by llarsl
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Recipe for Making the LLC the Hub of the School

Recipe1 cup Comfortable & flexible furniture5 cups Open, welcoming & inclusive LLC staff/room3 cups Student centred programming4 cups Multi-modal resources to promote reading for pleasure and literacy2 cups Information literacy & digital citizenship tutorials5 cups Collaboration 4 cups Access to technology 1 cup Interactive online presence

Opening hours:Monday to Friday8:00am-4:00pmHomework Club:3:00-4:00pmM,W,Th

About...Our LLC program supports:Reading for PleasureTransliteracyInquiry Based Learning& the Research ProcessInformation Literacy & Digital CitizenshipAcademic SuccessUniversity & Career PreparationUsing Technology to Enhance & Personalize LearningBuilding Community & School CultureStudent & Teacher CollaborationCreativity


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